Funding Process

Public workshops are held in September to explain GFTA's application process and distribute forms to new applicants. The application deadline for general operating funds is mid-November for funding in the following fiscal year.

The applicant review is an ongoing, six month process. GFTA staff review applications, make site visits and consult experts in the field, critics and other funders, then present evaluations to the Citizens Advisory Committee appointed by the City Administrator. The volunteer members of the broadly based Citizens Advisory Committee assure public accountability and offer their fiscal, management, and cultural expertise to the grantmaking process. In addition, public meetings are held twice a year, before and after the funding cycle, for applicants to present their organization's needs, plans, and updates directly to the Advisory Committee.

The Advisory Committee presents its recommendations to the City Administrator prior to notification of groups by letter of the funding decision in May. The successful applicant signs a contract for the period July 1 to June 30, the City's fiscal year, and new grant recipients are required to attend a workshop in July on how to file reimbursement requests.

Funding Timeline


  • Citizens Advisory Committee fall public meeting held for applicants to engage with the Advisory Committee. The fall public meeting may also address issues relevant to the arts constituency with speakers or panels.

  • How to Apply workshop held for following fiscal year cycle.

  • Online application made available through GFTA website.


  • Applicant questions answered.


  • Staff review of applications begins.
  • Early deadline to check for completeness: November 20


  • Applications checked for completeness.

  • Application deadline: December 4


  • Application review continues.

  • Citizens Advisory Committee's winter public meeting held for applicants to present their organization's needs, plans, or updates.

  • Citizens Advisory Committee deliberations begin.


  • Application review continues; Citizens Advisory Committee deliberations continue.


  • Application review continues; Citizens Advisory Committee deliberations continue.


  • Application review completed.

  • Citizens Advisory Committee funding recommendations presented to City Administrator.

  • City Administrator reviews and finalizes funding recommendations.


  • Applicants notified of funding decision.

  • New fiscal year's contracts mailed.

  • Staff available to answer applicant questions regarding funding decisions; Citizens Advisory Committee members available to meet with applicants, if necessary, to explain funding recommendations.

  • Reimbursement procedures meeting conducted.


  • July 1 — Grant Agreements due back in the office.

  • July 7 — Reimbursement workshop for all grantees.


  • Reimbursements begin on new awards.